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Mammoth Security - Lock and Chain

Chain Length

Our Price: £68.95
Mammoth Security - Square Motorcycle Lock and Chain

Mammoth Security - Square Motorcycle Lock and Chain
Mammoth Security - Square Lock and Chain - Choice of 2 Lengths

Ultimate bike security. A large heavyweight chain and lock will deter a thief and give them a hard time if they try and take it on.

Choose from 2 lengths:  1.2m or 1.8m
  • No-nonsense security
  • Super heavy duty lock
  • Thatcham Approved chain
  • Sold Secure Gold equivalent
  • 12mm Cro-Mo square steel chain
  • 1.8m chain length
  • Hardened steel lock body with double bearing lock mechanism
  • Reinforced cylinder plates resist drilling and picking
  • 11mm hardened Cro-Mo steel shackle lock
  • Protective fabric sleeve
Thatcham Evaluation number TM3-303/1207